Perhaps, the one – biggest reason, lots of people, have forfeit faith in this political system, and just how, elected officials, behave, and fail – to – achieve, is because witness, a similar issue, discussed, over – and – over, with, apparently, little – to – no, true progress, achieved, even, once the issue, is even, by far the most, time – sensitive, in – nature! Why do we permit, politicians, to resort, to denials, as well as other, politically, personally – serving, behaviors, when, now, perhaps, more – than – ever, we’d like these individuals, to proactively, go to a meeting – of – the – minds, to the greater good? Whether, the down sides, include, Climate Change ramifications/ impacts, protecting the surroundings (especially, beautiful and water, etc), improving infrastructure, or, various other issues, and urgent matters, we have to demand, no – more, procrastination, and several, wise practice, leadership, into – the – future! With that in mind, this document will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, what I reference, as being the, 5 P’s of why, we continue, witnessing exactly the same – old, same – old, behaviors, and tendencies!

  1. Political viewpoints/ perspectives: We cannot permit, business – as – usual, when elected officials, will not transform – themselves, from politicians, to statesmen, when they are elected! While, certain issues, tend to have a number of political options, alternatives, and philosophies, in timely – issues, these perspectives have to take a back – seat, to doing, the right thing, both with the current populations, except for generations, to – follow!
  2. Personal/ political agenda and self – interest: Demand, those elected, realize, it’s their duty and responsibility, to, truly, serve – and – represent, and protect us, rather then prioritizing, any personal/ political agenda, and/ or, their actual, and/ or, perceived, self- interest!
  3. Partisan politics: While, there will always, be, a point of partisan politics, because, a receptive – discussion, of options, and alternatives, is best approach, we should not permit it, to dominate, over using some commonsense, and doing, precisely what it takes, necessary, relevant, and, truly, sustainable, rather than letting them, make use of procrastination, and/ or, kicking – issues, down – the – road!
  4. Priorities: Instead of, having, political campaigns, which fascinate fears, and/ or, self – interest (actual, and/ or, perceived), we’d like to address priorities, proactively, sooner, in lieu of later!
  5. Perceptions: How issues, are explained, articulated, and communicated, have a big impact on the perceptions, of several! How else, are we able to explain, combating this horrific pandemic, to become partisan – political issue, rather then an emphasizing, on proceeding, using the best approach, to public health, etc?

Wake up, America, and demand better, more responsible, service and representation, from those we elect, to provide and represent! We can’t afford, the identical – old, same – old, politics – as – usual!

By siahub

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